What is chromium histidinate?

April 30, 2009 by Malcolmnoell003  
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Chromium histidinate?


I have been taking Chromax Ultra for my chromium picolinate. At the drug store I noticed that they have changed their formulation to half chromium picolinate and half chromium histidinate. In your book you mentioned that other chromium formulations were not effective, but I don’t recall the hisidinate form being mentioned. Icelandic Health doesn’t seem to offer the regular picolinate only formula any longer. Is the new formulation effective or do I need to switch brands? Thanks!

ANSWER:Your assumption is correct. Chromium histidinate became available after publication of Lifting Your Depression.  To view this new preparation, see Iceland Health Chromax Plus.

A few words about chromium histidinate: Histidine is an essential amino acids and is found in protein-containing foods. When combined with chromium, it improves chromium’s absorption. There is some evidence that — when combined with chromium picolinate — it increases absorption, based on research conducted by research chemist Dr. Richard A. Anderson and colleagues at the USDA.

The object of Dr Anderson’s study was to find a complex of chromium that was better absorption than any of the existing forms. The research group made and tested several new complexes of chromium and gave them to three males and three females. They measured the amount of chromium excreted in their urine, the logic being that the more that is absorbed, the more excreted. They found that the greatest level of urinary chromium excretion occurred in those subject who had taken chromium histidinate.

The study was approved by the Human Nutrition Study Committee, US Department of Agriculture, and the Internal Review Board, Clinical Section of Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

The evidence is meager at this point, but I plan to take the preparation that contains both chromium picolinate and histidinate and also to recommend it to my patiens.