How Does Iceland Health Chromax Work?

Hello Dr. McLeod.

I wanted to know how is it that Iceland Health Chromax Plus Ultra Strength works so efficiently at controlling my blood glucose levels.   
I have been a diabetic for the past 7 years and was taking Metformin 500mg twice daily. And my A1C was around 7.5. I had to stop taking Metformin because my blood sugars would drop like a rock below 60mg/dl because of the addition of Chromax Plus. So I no longer take Metformin and have kept myself on 500mcg of Chromax plus daily. Even after a heavy meal, it doesn’t go beyond 125mg/dl …. post pranial glucose readings … 2 hours reading … I am amazed. I still can’t believe that in less than 3 weeks I was able to attain non-diabetic readings from this trace mineral … Can you help me understand how is this so?

Thank  you for contacting me V.J.  
First, I hope you are relying on your physician as you change your medications and add chromium. 
I don’t know positively how or why Iceland Health Chromax seems to work so well, but many people have reported similar responses, some of which I’ve posted on my website. Perhaps it’s because IH Chromax contains chromium histidinate in addition to chromium picolinate.  The histidinate form may be absorbed faster and in greater quantity than chromium picolinate.  Please consult this link where you can learn more about the histidinate form of chormium.
How might chromium help control blood sugar?  I explain this to the best of my ability on pages 93-98 in Lifting Your Depression.  To use a simple metaphor, chromium may help the cells of the body open up and allow glucose to enter, where it is then converted into energy.
I’m certainly pleased that chromium seems to be helping you, but, again, please consult your physician. I would appreciate a followup note from you in a few months.
Malcolm McLeod, MD